Ying Huang Ph.D. VP, Head of Discovery & Early Development

Ying obtained her PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from The Ohio State University supported by Lubrizol fellowship, and later became a NIH postdoc fellow in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also holds project management certificate from Rutgers University Business School in New Jersey, USA;Ying joined us with over 16 years of industry experience in pre-clinical drug discovery and early development.Ying began her pharmaceutical career with Schering-Plough and later with Merck in New Jersey, USA. During that period, she worked on numerous projects covering a wide variety of disease areas, ranging from allergy and immunology, cardiovascular/ metabolic diseases, infectious diseases to CNS disorders, where she was one of the key contributors to the discovery of 4 clinical candidates.In May 2012, she moved to Novartis and led the global initiative involving all three major discovery sites, which resulted in the discovery of first-in-class EED inhibitor MAK683, currently in Phase I/II for lymphoma and selected solid tumors. During her tenure at Novartis, she also took on the leadership roles on multiple explorative projects in liver diseases, including NASH and liver fibrosis, and lung diseases.


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